10 Mind Blowing Slime Recipes You Need to Try

10 mind blowing slime recipes





10 Amazing DIY Slime recipes

Do not try to fool yourself: You love it! Slime is an absolute life changing satisfaction and everyone knows it. There is something so comfortable and satisfying in drowning your hands into it and it never gets old. But then again, you might run out of ideas and this is why we are here! Here you will find 10 incredibly easy and gorgeous looking slime recipes that you definitely have to try.
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1. Galaxy Slime

Galaxy Slime
It really does not matter if you are even slightly interested in universe or how it all works. One look at the colours in this one and you are done! It is super easy to make, it looks gorgeous and it will keep everyone entertained for hours!

Tutorial Source: TWODALOO.com

2. Unicorn Poop Slime

Yes, you read that right. Everyone loves unicorns and even if you don’t, you will still definitely love this fun and so good looking recipe for Unicorn Poop Slime. It is so colourful and soft looking, you will want to play with it forever! And there are so many variations to it as well. From mixing up the colours to adding different ingredients.

Tutorial Source: MOMDOT.com



3. Cotton Candy Slime

cotton candy slime

This super easy and hypnotising recipe comes with perfect video instructions and step by step guidance on how to handle all the ingredients. It is super pink, cute and just what you want your slime to be !

Tutorial Source: SAVVY NATURILISTA.com





4. Fluffy Sand Sensory Slime

fluffy sand slime

What is better than classic gooey slime? The one that reacts when it touches either hot or cold! The colour is amazing, and although it takes just a bit longer than usual, it is definitely worth it!

Tutorial Source: MomDot.com





5. Mermaid Slime

mermaid slime
I don’t think I’ve seen a prettier slime ! The colour is just so luxurious and gorgeous! The full list of ingredients and a step – by – step tutorial can be found on their website.

Tutorial Source: MOMLUCK.com






6. Pineapple Slime


For all of you who love pineapple (or maybe just the colour) this is going to be a complete experience. You can just make the slime and keep it, or you can make the party favours. Either way, you will adore this pineapple experience!
The page comes with free adorable printable as well!

Tutorial Source: MOMCOLLABORATIVE.com






7. Borax -free Glitter Slime

no borax slime
This recipe is amazing because you will need only 2 ingredients. Yes, only 2. It requires no pre-prepping or making of different mixtures, then adding them and so on…You only need these 2 ingredients and that is it!

Tutorial Source: MOMLUCK.com





8. Pepermint slime

peppermint slime

This one has to be my favourite. It smells amazing, the colour is beautiful and it just looks like you put in more effort than you really did. Amazing step-by-step tutorial can be found on her website.






9. Fluffy Snow Slime

fluffy cloud slime


Well, it is winter. And whether we like it or not, it comes with snow, rain and a lot of layered clothes. But, it also comes with this lovely snow slime from LitteBinsForLittleHands.com. It is fluffy, white and looks like a snowball!

Tutorial Source: LittleBinsForLittleHands.com






10. Kinetic Slime

shape forming slime

Last but not the least! This one is definitely different than all the above. Why?
Well, this one holds its shape once you make it. It looks like so much fun!

Tutorial Source: MOMDOT.com



These are definitely not all the slime types out there, but we believe they are so much fun to make! And having fun is all it’s about in the end. Hope you will enjoy trying these out!
Happy crafting everyone!

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