FREE 16 Animal SVG Cut Files You Need to Download NOW

Free 16 Animal SVG cut files you need to download now

FREE 16 Animal SVG Cut Files You Need to Download NOW


#1 Llamacorn (3 designs)!

This adorable Llama and Llamacorn SVG cut files have been such a HUGE hit! You can just put these llamas everywhere!!

#2 Simple Animal Faces (5 designs)!

Animals with long eyelashes are adorable of course, but you can make many use of these animals without eyelashes. You can also play around with funny animal quotes!

#3 Cheetah (2 designs)!

I mean, look at her glasses. So elegant and hard to resist to put her on everything you have!

#4 Owl Zentangle!

This owl is not only adorable, but also gives you some weeding challenge!

#5 Chihuahua (2 designs)!

If you live with Chihuahua, you must have her. Even if you don’t have Chihuahua as your beloved pet, you can make use of them!

#6 Hippo (2 designs)

Not many people might not have a hippo as their pet, but I’m sure there are many hippo lovers. Car window? on you mug? Possibilities are endless.

#7 Unicorn Mandadla (2 designs)!

We just love unicorn so much that we don’t mind if this unicorn fever never ends! Enjoy weeding this beauty!

#8 Llamas (4 designs)

Another Llamas- but you can never have TOO MUCH llamas!

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