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Please submit YOUR OWN WORK. You will be reported and deleted from our website if you deliberately submit someone else’s work.


Please note that any violation of copyrighted materials will be denied, as well as any works with offensive and violating languages / expressions will also be denied.


For more terms & conditions, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.


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1. Copyright of a sample SVG(s) that are submitted belongs to its creator. CALUYA DESIGN will not own the copy right of the SVG file design, therefore CALUYA DESIGN will not be able to edit, add or modify the design without creator’s permission.

2. CALUYA DESIGN promise to credit the creator, as well as to add the back-link to creator’s business page for enhanced exposure.

3. Creators can always request additional samples to be listed, AND can request to discontinue the free sample download at any time by contacting CALUAY DESIGN.

4. By submitting your artwork, you are agreeing that CALUYA DESIGN to promote free samples via Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and E-mail marketing. Also, creators have a permission to promote their sample download page on their own platform.

5. As a part of CALUYA DESIGN’s service, commercial license (per $3 download) is offered to visitors. Your design may be included to the commercial license offer, and when customer buys commercial license bundle from CALUYA DESIGN and wants to use creator’s design, they may do so. Commercial license sale will not be shared with participating SVG designers, since CALUYA DESIGN is taking a form to “rent” our webpage, letting creators to advertise their creation.
6. CALUYA DESIGN will not be able to take responsibility to visitor’s violation with creator’s samples (re-selling, distributing, and so forth). We have been facing this issue due to the nature of our service, and all we can do is to keep eyes on them and warn the violator when we found violations.
7. Lastly, even though we have average of 500,000 page views/month, this does not guaranteed you will get the most exposure. We will promote your sample as equal as other freebies, yet depending on the popularity of art works, each of the designs generate different amount of page views and download counts.
If you have more questions, feel free to contact me via: Looking forward to hear from you soon!

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