5 Tips on How I Generate 1,500 Facebook Likes Weekly

5 Tips on How I Generate 1,500 likes Weekly




5 Tips on How I Generate 1,500 likes Weekly


**Disclaimer** This post contains affiliate links. Read disclosure policy from here.

Facebook likes, followers. Yes, sounds not so exciting- I totally relate to you.

Facebook’s ever changing algorism is just so complicated to make sense of it, let alone keeping your information updated every time they make changes.

Have no fear, have no fear.

As a inexperienced blogger, I have successfully generate over 15K likes on my Facebook page in 4 month, WITHOUT understanding fancy technical stuff.

I have started my first blog, caluyadesign.com end of last September (2017). With this blog, I make free SVG cut files for cutting machines (Cricut, Cameo Silhouette, etc) as well as to deliver blog articles related to creative projects, craft inspirations and introduce fonts and digital arts that can be purchased.

Total page view on the very first month was 78K, and on its 5th month, it reached over 500K page views.

As for Facebook, when I first created my page for Caluya Design, I literally had 20 likes from friends and families. But at the end of this month, January 2018, total “likes” to my Facebook page hit its 15K mark and still growing.

First it started from few likes, and now I get average of 1500 likes every week.

With this article, I will share 5 things I did during this 5 months period and successfully reached over 15K “Likes” on my Facebook page, WITHOUT paying a dime and having technical knowledge.

Remember, all you need is time and effort.

Also, Pinterest marketing is very effective way to get traffic and promote your blog.
How I promoted my blog on Pinterest and increased my daily viewers by 850% (257K to 3M) without many followers can be learned from HERE.


!! STOP !!

If you have not set up an e-mail list for your blog/website, please do it NOW.

Promoting your business and blog on facebook means larger exposure & increase in traffic, which is also a undeniably effective time to grow your e-mail list for the future promotion.

Why you need e-mail list, you ask?

It is better to have 100 people who want to listen what you have to offer, than having 1000 people who have no interest in you. Do not let your “fan” run away, make sure to make them sign up for your e-mail subscription.

ConvertiKit is reliable and affordable choice, and I believe they have free 14 days trial.


You don’t have your own blog set up? Bluehost let with your blog with you own domain, just for $2.95. You can’t start making money unless you have your blog set up!

This article may contain affiliate link. Please read more details from HERE


1. Do Freebies.

designed by freepik.com

Do not underestimate the power of freebies. Right freebies will attract many visitors to your blog, and also can give them a reason to “like” your facebook page and e-mail subscription.

With my first website, “Caluya Design,” I provide 100% free SVU cut files for home electrical cutting machines (for crafters). They are 100% free for personal use.

Why didn’t I sell them on Etsy or Creative Market? I have tried. But I was only selling 2-3 of them ($3 per downloads) per day. Competition is high and it was hard to even promote my business anywhere.

You know why?

Because everywhere you go, Facebook Groups or Pinterest Group Boards, the rule is: “NO SALE POST PLEASE.”

This is where freebie comes in.
You got approved to join Facebok group with 28K members? You finally got the invite to Pinterest board with your niche and that board have over 100K followers?

Go ahead and promote your freebies. Simple.


With freebies, you can:

– advertise your blog without getting banned
– get traffic to your blog without spending a dime
– you are making people happy by giving out free stuff.

Win-win for both parties- how simple is that!



2. Use downloadable Freebies to promote your blog

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This is my secret tips- and I will share with you.

The secret is, SET UP DOWNLOADABLE FREEBIES, if you can.

WHY? Because you want your readers to engage with your website. You want to give a reason for them to “like” you, or subscribe to your e-mail list.

Tell them to “like” your facebook page before they download your freebies. Tell them to subscribe to e-mail list, and promise to send the freebie directly to their e-mail address.

Let your readers think they can’t miss this opportunity.

Let them feel like they NEED to get your freebies.

With this method, I generate average of 1,300 – 1,800 likes A WEEK, totaling 15K likes on my 4th month.
Worth a try!

Downloadable file ideas:

-Planner printable
-schedule printable
– short e-book on any topics (that are beneficial to readers)
-Free fonts, cliparts, graphic designs
-Free recipe PDF printable
-free workout routine printable
-free commercial free images, videos, music
…… you can be as creative as you want!

Try to find beneficial freebies that matches with your niche. Creating successful freebies can bring surprisingly huge traffic to your website and give a reason for them to “like” your facebook page.




3. Join other people’s Facebook groups


designed by freepik.com

If you haven’t find Facebook groups to join, you are missing out the significant source of traffic.

For those of you don’t even know what the Facebook Group, I recommend you to search around within Facebook NOW.
Within Facebook, there are numerious of different types of “Groups”, where people gather and talk about common interest.

Examples are:

– Group for font lovers
– Group for dieting
– Group for Jewelry making
– Group for seasonal holiday cooking ideas
– Group for mountain biking

….. list goes on.

Which means, finding right group with your niche let you dive in to this pot of gold.

Your targeted audiences are already gathered in one place, waiting to see your amazing content.

Amount of members varies depending on the groups, but the ones I’ve joined have 10K, 25K, even 50K members EASY. This is a no brainer. As a blogger, you don’t miss this kind of opportunity. You can advertise your blog content for FREE to 20-50K people, AND you already know they’ll be interested in what you have to offer.

Many of the groups have “no spam, no affiliate, no sale” rule.

This is where your freebies comes in- many groups doesn’t accept sharing blog articles, EXCEPT freebies.

Sharing free printable, recipes, planer, graphic arts, fonts and such will let you advertise your blog without getting kicked out of the group. Amount of responses and traffic you get from there groups are so significant, about 40-50% of my traffic comes from Facebook groups that I advertise.

Such advertising freebies on groups takes visitors to your article where they need to “like” your Facebook page before download. Yup, you guessed it right- this strategy boost up the number of “likes” like a magic!



4. Place “like us” button BEFORE the content / freebie.

designed by freepik.com

When you create a blog article with freebie,

MAKE SURE to place SNS share buttons BEFORE the download button.

And here- I reveal the biggest secret with you today.

When I first launch the website, I used “Like to unlock” plug-in. This plugin let you lock the download button unless the readers “like” your Facebook page.

BUT, day after day, I had to deal with bunch of e-mail saying “I liked your page, but the locker is not unlocking.”
With several different browser availability and dealing with numerous of different user security settings, it’s very hard to avoid such technical errors.

You know what I found out?

After being sick of dealing with e-mails, I just put a simple “DOWNLOAD” button that let visitors download freebies instantly with one click. And all I did was add the text saying “Like” or “Pin” Before You Download,” along with the SNS share buttons.

It worked just as effective. AND LESS hustle.
Do not say “Please share,” “Your support is appreciated” or another nice saying to ask them to share.
Just simple sentence, “Share before you download” let people think that SHARING IS ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED.

I recommend you to place “download button” in middle, or even at the end of the blog article. The reason why is because you want to make sure the readers have the chance to see all of your content, links, deals you offer and such.

Attracting people freebies means you get the opportunity to show readers what you have to offer.
Time to show off the awesome contents of yours!




5. Do giveaway events

designed by freepik.com

More freebies? Yes, I know.

But more promotional ideas you have, easier to keep entertaining your audiences.

People LOVES events, and they want to participate in events when they know they have a chance to win some goodies.

When I went to Japan (my home town), I went to dollar tree and got some Kawaii craft stuff and brought them back home. What I did was, I throw some ruffling events within my facebook group, as well as to set up a pop-up window on my website to notify visitors that they have a chance to win some cute stuff from Tokyo.

You do not have to give out expensive stuff. Just think what your audience would be excited about.

The only requirement to participate was to “like” our page or “pin” our article.
Remember, you can ALWAYS come up with a reason for them to become your followers.

Be creative!!


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