Cricut Maker First Impression Cutting Felt Knife Blade VS Rotary Blade

Cricut Maker First Impression Cutting Felt Knife Blade VS Rotary Blade

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So when I opened the box, the machine was nicely wrapped and composed.

I just love how it looks, the gold lid gives the luxury look and I don’t even mind having it out as a part of interior decoration.

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The reason why I chose Cricut Maker was because it cuts fabric- I know other machines will do that, but this one for sure cuts felts, well, so they said, and cuts other thick materials if I needed to do any other projects in the future.

Machine comes with thick black booklet, where you can learn what this machine cuts, in English, Spanish & French.

The machine comes with regular knife blade, rotary blade for felt and fabric, Cricut pen, 1 cutting mat for regular materials and 1 mate (pink) for cutting fabric.

The machine already have the knife blade installed, so I changed it to the rotary blade to get ready for felt cutting.

Knife blade VS Rotary Blade

When I was getting ready to cut with new machine and choose felt as a material, the Design Space told me to have knife blade instead of rotary blade, so I was eager to try the difference.

Unfortunately, the knife blade did not cut felt; it just kind of traced it and left a mark without actually cutting the material.

So I went back and changed the tool usage to rotary blade, and the result was astonishing! It cuts felt like butter!

I could get the parts off super easily from the mat without any effort. Cutting line was super crisp and straight, you won’t be able to achieve this by manually doing it by using scissors.

Putting Together Felt Animal Mask

So after cutting every piece according to the colors,

I just put the entire parts together and used glue gun to place them all together.

You could definitely saw them (I was just lazy getting the sawing machine ready), or use different materials like cardstock papers, foam sheets, different types of materials…

I just loved how this Cricut Maker could cut tiny pieces as well, which I was wondering if they manage to do.

👇🏼Free Animal Mask Cutting Files👇🏼
Forest Animals (Fox, Owl & Raccoon)
Cute Animals (Unicorn, Bunny & Deer)



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