How to Emboss On Wood Surface: Making Halloween Mini-Coffin Candy Box

How to Emboss On Wood Surface: Making Halloween Mini-Coffin Candy Box

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Hello, this is Saori from Caluya Design, welcome back to our channel!

I have recently posted a quick 1-minute video on using embossing to make wooden sign for thanksgiving on our Instagram account.

Thank you so much for watching it, we got over 15K views, which was the most view we have ever got so far.

At the same time, I saw many people commenting “what the heck is going on here”-So I have decided to do another video using embossing powder and double sided adhesive sheet from Silhouette to create something fun for up coming Halloween!

So if you want to know how to use embossing powder and make these fun Halloween coffin candy box, then keep on watching!

Today’s video was sponsored by craft Thank you very much!
The spider web cut files are included in their September Bundles, along with 554 cut ready designs, 11 fonts and 140 clipart elements!
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So, I found these cute wooden coffin box at Michael’s, for $3.
Of course I got discount, you might be able to get more discount now that Halloween is around the corner.

Before you pain them, make sure to take all of the parts off from the coffin!
In this way when you paint it you don’t have to worry about making paint mess.

I used Martha Stewart Satin paint, color black for this project. It dried up pretty fast and 1 coat seemed to be enough.

When painting was done, I let them sit for a while until they are dry completely, and then used Mod Podge as a topcoat.

While these coffins are being dried, I cut the double-sided adhesive sheet.
I used Cricut Maker to cut these spider web designs from
There are many other designs you can choose from their September Bundle!

When I cut the design, I had to set the setting as if I am cutting heavy cardstock, and had to run twice. This adhesive sheet is pretty heavy, so you want to make sure it’s cut through all the way.

Once it’s done cutting, simply peel the design out of the mat.
The spider web design is not a complex design, so you can just peel it off .
Once you get the design, peel off the yellow part-
In this step, I accidently peel the adhesive part with yellow backing, but when you do, try peel only the yellow part.
Otherwise your design will be mirrored, thank goodness the spider web design didn’t really matter which side is up or not.

Once you peeled the yellow part, just simply place the design and press down firmly on to the surface.
Make sure to use your nail or pen to really make them stick on it.

Peel the top white sheet, leaving the adhesive stickers on the surface.

Then, sprinkle embossing powder over the adhesive, and shake the excess off on a tray.
I really like using this ZING embossing powder by AmericanCraft, they are really easy to working with and looks stunning.
For the blue design, I used the old embossing powder that I already had, but I wish I had Zing powder in blue. They are way easier and less messy.

Ok, So now use soft, dry brushes to clear out the edge, wipe off excess powder. Once it’s ready, get your heat gun ready.
By the way, you can get heat gun from anywhere.
I got mine from Amazon I believe.

Do not bring the heat gun too close, otherwise the adhesive will shrink and melt.
Make sure you have good distance, and heat it up by moving the heat gun in a circular motion. Try to avoid over heating one spot.
As the heat activates the embossing powder, it starts to melt and often times you can see the color gets brighter.

It’s pretty cool to see how it gets activated!
This is my favorite part of embossing.

Once it’s all activated and looks good, put back the screw and the brass and ta-da!
You have mini- Halloween coffin cady box on your hand!
Enjoy stuffing them and decorate the house or give them away, I’m sure kids will love them!

Hope you enjoyed watching our video,
learned something new today, and inspired you all in some way!

Happy crafting everyone!



Spider Web Cut File (included in HUGE September Bundle!)

Double-sided Adhesive Sheet by Silhouette

Zing Embossing Powder

Heat Gun


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