Joining Our Designer Team


Imagine us being “Costco” and you, being as the “sample” vendor- you can let people “try out” your creative production!
Customers then have information about your business and direct link to your shop or website.
That’s what we are doing- and we pay for you to have your “sample” available as well!
We just started this website, got affiliated beginning of September, 2017.
We started from  30 page views a week, to currently 24,000 page views a week. 
Numbers are skyrocketing every day and every week, it’s a perfect time to join our team!


Once your “sample” SVG’s download page it up and running, you will be able to provide your business information, such as direct link to your Etsy shop, website, SNS and more. 
Imagine what kind of people visit this website- yes, people who have portable cutting machines such as Cameo Silhouette and Cricut, who WANTS to download SVG and PNG files to create their DIY projects. Your products is also targeted to the same audience- this is simply a perfect space to promote your business. Unlike Etsy or other mega marketplace, people visit this website for very specific reasons. all of our visitors are your potential clients. 

Commission System

In addition to promote your business to the perfect targeted audience, you will receive a commission for making free files available for download. Our website is affiliated, thus we are simply sharing part of our incentives with you, as a thank you for sharing your amazing artwork with visitors on our website. There are no limit on how many SVGs you can upload- more files you upload, more you earn commissions. Your “sample” downloadable files keep bringing side incomes every month, as long as you have it available on our website. 


1, File Submission

Submit your “sample” SVG files via Submission Form which you can find within this page. You can attach as many files as you want (please make sure to submit SVG file, not PNG). In this field, you can also submit your business information that you wish to be visible on the download page.

2, Receive Password

Once your submission is approved, you will receive a URL link to your own password protected “designer page,” where you can  have access to your designer ID number, statistics and submission page. 

3, Promote Your Freebie

One of the BIGGEST advantage of having your own “freebies” available is that, you can expand a filed of advertisement. You can now post your work on a Facebook groups, Pinterest Boards, and other places where sales are prohibited. With freebies, you open up more doors for you to spread your name out- and people LOVES free stuff! Be as aggressive as you can to share and post your free artworks! Once potential customer visits and grabs your freebie, they have direct link to your shop if they wish to see more of your artworks. 

4, Get Paid

You will get $1 per every 500 downloads. So promote them as much as you can, and let your fans download them! 
Download count re-sets on 25th of each month, and payment will be submitted to you via PayPal on 30th/31st of each month. 

Sign-Up and Submit Your First File

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Just add 5+ SVG bundles in your cart, and discount will be applied automatically!

On ANY craft blanks
*Can be applied to cart value of $25+.