How to Make Invitation in 15 Minutes By Using Adobe Illustrator and Freepik

How to Make Invitation in 15 Minutes

How to Make Invitation in 15 Minutes By Using Adobe Illustrator and Freepik

This is my second YouTube video! I am still learning how to make videos and how to shoot them, so my apologies for few errors here and there. Hopefully I get better at this after few more videos. Now that I finished making this video, I think I will do the announcements and updates after the tutorials, so that you can jump right in to learning. I will make the change, I promise!

So today, I thought it’ll be fun to show you something new and useful. If you have Adobe Illustrator on your computer, but not being able to make a use out of it, it’s time for you to open it up!

Even if you don’t own the program, you can try their Free trial for 7 days (You can try it from HERE), and see if you feel comfortable using this program. If you are crafter, I strongly recommend you to master Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop- by being able to use these, you will expand the numbers of DIY projects you could potentially plan.

And eventually if you are interested in creating a career out of it like I did as a blogger, these are going to be part of your life. If you’d like to know how I made 5K in a month and how YOU CAN ALSO start a money making blog as a crafter, you can read it from HERE

Tutorial Video


Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial!

Here are all of the links that I mentioned on the video:

Adobe Illustrator Trial

King Basil Font

Caviar Dreams Font

Unicorn Clipart by Freepik

Gold Glitter Textured Image from Freepik

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