5 Ways to Make SVG Cut File That Are Compatible With Cricut & Cameo Silhouette


5 Ways to Make SVG Cut File That Are Compatible With Cricut & Cameo Silhouette

Having these 5 tricks up on your sleeves can be a huge help with Cricut projects!

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1. use SVG converter

There are many choices when it comes to choosing the right one to use, I recommend you to browse around and see which one works the best for you.

This method is super easy, even if you are not tech expert, I believe the process is simple enough to follow through.

However, While I am loving this method for its easiness, there are few cons.

1st, you can’t do multiple colors.

2nd con is that you can’t convert complex images.

Online converter is ideal for black and white design without complex details. Not so much with a complex designs with multiple coloreds.
👇🏼Online SVG Converter: Love SVG.com👇🏼

2. automatic Digital Tracing

Adobe Illustrator will do the work for you, like the online converter, but with this method, you will have more control over the process.

The biggest difference from the previous method is that you can convert multiple colors.
👇🏼Adobe Illustrator👇🏼

👇🏼Dog Illustration👇🏼

3. manual digital tracing

Let’s go into the next method:
Next method gives you the freedom to trace anything you want.
However, you will need to be familiar with Graphic Design Programs, Such as, again, Adobe Illustrator.

This method comes in handy when you have your own drawings, or any designs you want to tweak, clean lines or change any aspect of the design you want to convert into SVG.

4. converting pre-designed graphics

Hidden hack!

SVG files are commonly also used for elements you see in websites, and we, as a graphic designers, use the vector images to create invitations, posters and many other both print & screen designs.

Having said that, website like “freepic.com” offers millions of different vector designs, and many of their designs can be easily converted into SVG cut files, and cut these designs by using cutting machines.

The tricky part is, that you have to pick and choose the designs- I wish cutting machines can cut any designs, but many of the designs that Freepic offers are very complex, like this one, as you can see, this one is not suitable for cutting machines.

But simple designs, you can download it, open the Illustrator file, and simply save the design with SVG extension.
You do not have to go through the converting process, since the file is already a vector file.

5. Custom Order from Etsy (Etsy Link)

You can always ask someone who do these thing for living.
Simply visit Etsy store, and there are many stores that take custom SVG orders.
👇🏼Custom SVG Order👇🏼

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