How to DIY Split Monogram With Cameo Silhouette Studio

How to make DIY Split Monogram with Cameo Silhouette

How to DIY Split Monogram With Cameo Silhouette Studio


How to DIY Split Monogram With Cameo Silhouette Studio

We are so excited to start doing tutorials, because this is something we have been working on last few weeks.

FINALLY, this is the first video tutorial of ours, hope you guys enjoy this!
There is a video/visual tutorials, as well as a written step-by-step article for you to follow through.

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Video Tutorial


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Step-by-Step Tutorial

1. Open Silhouette Studio

First thing first, open your silhouette studio software. I used basic version, not designer edition.
I have to apologize to Window users- Hopefully functions are similar to window’s version.

2. Type with Text Tool

On the left hand panel, you can find a button with “A”, which is the text tool that you can type texts.
Go ahead and type an alphabet you wish to make split monogram with.
(I used B, and font name is “Magnolia Sky”).


3. Get Ready to “Split”

By choosing “Rectangle” tool which you can find on your LEFT hand side panel, simply click and drag to make rectangle box.
Place the box over the alphabet where you want it to be cropped out.
Recommendation: Fill the box with white color, so that way you’ll be able to visually see how it’ll look when it’s done.


4. Hit “Subtract”

Once done placing the box over your alphabet, select BOTH box and alphabet.
This time, go “open modify panel” (a button with square and circle overlapping each other) which you can find on your RIGHT hand side panel.
You will have few options to click. Hit “Subtract” while choosing these two elements(alphabet and white box).

This should subtract the part where these two elements are overlapping.
End result should look like this:

Now you can see the white box is “subtracted” from the B. Yay! you successfully split your alphabet!


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5. Adding Lines

Almost done!
Now you need two lines that makes split monogram so special.
Again, go to the LEFT panel and choose “Rectangle Tool”, make a thin and long box like this:

After creating a line that you are satisfied, click the line and copy it. 

<Beginner Version>
You can either Command + C (Control + C for windows) OR you can go upper left side menu, and choose Edit > Copy.
Then paste (Command + V, or Edit>Paste) and place  the two lines where you want them to be.
Make sure these lines and the alphabet OVERLAP each other by tiny bit.

<Advanced Version>
This way, you can line the line perfectly.
You can either Command + C (Control + C for windows) OR you can go upper left side menu, and choose Edit > Copy.
Then go back again to the Edit drop down menu, then select “Paste Front”.

This command let you place the copy on exactly where the original one is.
When you hit paste front, don’t get confused if it looks like copy did not pasted. Because copy is right on top of the original one, you won’t see any changed on the screen.
But don’t worry! Simply click the line, and drag it down while holding SHIFT key. You will see one moving and others still there.
Make sure these lines and the alphabet overlap each other by tiny bit.


6. Weld Them Together

Once you are happy with how your split monogram looks, SELECT EVERY ELEMENTS.
Go to the RIGHT panel, choose “open modify panel” again, and hit “WELD” this time.
This command let you add all the elements together and make them as one piece-
If you skip this process, you will end up having cut lines where you don’t want to.



Da-da! You successfully made your DIY split monogram!!
Now just type a name between the alphabet and let it cut 🙂



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